I sing what I can’t say.

Every day, like you, I cope with the day’s demands. I never feel as though I can do enough.

Less is more. Simple is hard. Pare things down to the essence — with the fewest possible words. No one has time for anything more. A quote, a single line is sometimes the only remnant of even a remarkable life. The irony is that cutting things down to the core takes time. So much must be left unsaid.

Here, I will say what I can say. Here’s a space to offer what insight I can offer. None of it is worth anything so much as it is worth something to me. And that makes it important.

Perhaps, like you, I will feel my words fail me — but my instincts ask me to speak any small, true thing that I can find. Because, if we each tell the truth of our own stories, we are all changed.