photo by Paulla Elmore
Paula McMath finds a story, an image, a memory, a character – filters it through her voice and makes it sing.

Trust the Sky, was reviewed by Paul Zollo, Senior Editor of American Songwriter, who says “it resounds like the work of a mature, experienced singer/songwriter…  like Laura Nyro, Carole King, and others who wrote inimitable masterpieces from the very start, Paula is a prodigiously gifted singer – songwriter who has taken her inherent abilities and soared with them.”

Songs from earlier works, Because We Bleed, and Mud Flap Girl landed in TV and film.    McMath has been featured in Music Connection’s year end Top 25 New Music Critiques and has landed on their list of LA’s Hot 100 Unsigned Artists.  John Pozer, Cannes award-winning Writer/Director of The Grocer’s Wife says, “Wonderful.  Reminiscent of Joni – and there couldn’t be a better compliment.”

”I sing what I can’t say.”  McMath says of her own work.  “I write songs to isolate and even find small bits of truth from my own life.  Joan Didion says,  ‘We tell ourselves stories in order to live.’  She also says, ‘I don’t know what I think until I write it down.’  I’ve learned that It takes a lot of courage to sing, or say things that are true — but the more truth I can find, the more it resonates.”

Paula McMath is currently polishing songs for her fourth CD.  She is launching a children’s project, Very Happy Day, which centers around a song for the eve of a child’s birthday.  It’s co-written with Ian Hattwick, performed with Tom Freund, illustrated by Pip Craighead and digitally prepared by Cory James.

Paula currently lives in LA.  She was born in Canada, in the city of Windsor, and was raised in nearby small town, Kingsville, Ontario.