Industry and Peer Reviews

“You’re very good at what you do, but sometimes it takes a while for the world to figure it out.  As Woody Allen famously stated, a big part of success is showing up, and with that I heartily concur.  In our culture now people are used to things happening very quickly.  TV shows like American Idol perpetuate the myth an entertainer can become famous overnight. The reality is, it takes a lifetime for an artist to gestate.

The wife and I have practically worn your current CD out!”

Ric Menck, member of Velvet Crush (drummer;  Matthew Sweet, Liz Phair, Marianne Faithful)shapeimage_6.jpg

“Shows tremendous talent.  Thank you for sharing it with me.  Reminiscent of Joni… and there couldn’t be a better compliment.  Very impressive.  Keep going Paula.  I’m looking forward to where you’re headed!”

John Pozer,  Filmmaker/Director,  Cannes Film Festival award-winner  / “The Grocer’s Wife”


“I feel really strongly about this music.  I think Paula’s voice, the lyrics,  and the melodies are amazing.”

Producer John Hanlon, who has engineered and produced with Neil Youngshapeimage_6.jpg

“I love this CD!  There’s a surprising elegance to its blend of edge, sensuality, intimacy, and bluesy rock. The more I listen, the more I appreciate it  –  especially paula mcmath’s honest, expressive voice.  Because We Bleed is a worthy, sometimes edgy, sometimes quietly poetic, stream of paula mcmath’s relationship reflections… with a little grit on the mirror.  It’s great.”

Susan Haight,  singer-songwriter