Music Connection  –  Hot 100 Unsigned Artists

paula mcmath named in Music Connection’s  –  15th Annual Hot 100 Unsigned Artists,  Volume XXX,  No.  25  12/04/06 to 12/31/06

“McMath and her able backup musicians take the singer-songwriter format into the rock realm on a collection of tunes that showcase a strong,  expressive voice.  She comes out struttin’ on “lonely blue”,  a very good choice to open this disc.  “Wet” marries a rocking track to bitter lyrics.  “Consumed” is a bluesy ballad with vivid imagery and vocals tones that imbue the song with emotions.  McMath is working at a high level and warrants industry attention.”

Music Connection Review /  Volume XXX,  No.  12  06/05/06 to 06/18/06