Blue Railroad Review

by Paul Zollo

“She writes the kind of songs people say nobody writes anymore.  The kind of songs written by the greatest of the great singer-songwriters – songs with uniquely poetic lyric wed to gorgeous melodies, songs in which both the words and the music are equally inventive and inspired.”

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I’ve learned a few things, in the last eight months, about the process of self-promotion as a musician / artist.   It’s not a comfortable place for me to dwell in…  It’s uncomfortable, for me, to feel like I need to be saying “look at me — look at me” when what I do actually comes from a very quiet, introverted place.

I’ve found that most of the time, things move really slowly.  Mostly you send out the emails and wait… but gradually, a few things have come back to me for my efforts.   I’ve gotten a couple of nice reviews recently – one at Paul Zollo’s ezine, Blue Railroad
and one in Music Connection           

At this point, I feel a need to simplify and narrow my focus.  I guess that is where Ariel’s Blogging Challenge comes in. I look forward to the accountability and motivation that this community will offer.